Central Texas Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) entrepreneurs are invited to all the free events and exhibits of the Austin Consumer Packaged Goods Week Feb. 12-16, 2018. See full schedule at: https://tencapital.group/schedule/

This is a great networking and learning series for young, emerging, and growing consumer-packaged goods companies and vendors in the Central Texas area. Please extend our invitation to all fresh food, frozen foods, snack foods, natural foods, snack bars, energy drinks, specialty drinks, wine, beer companies in the Austin metro area.  This week’s events could bring exciting new partnerships and business opportunities for all types of consumer packaged goods companies.

Looking for Consumer Packaged Goods funding and marketing ideas?

CPG Growth Roadmap: Models, Money, Marketing & Mentoring is a free daylong event presented by the Profit Mover Advisory Team™ for Consumer-Packaged Goods companies & vendors, looking to grow. Join us for a morning of expert panel discussion and an afternoon of one-on-one mentoring. (Limited to 20 guests)
Register at: Austin CPG Week

Consumer Packaged Goods Growth Roadmap: Models, Money, & Marketing – 

February 15, 2018

8:30-9:00 a – Registration & Networking
9:00-9:45 a – Business Success Models
Expert Panel:
Dr. Jan Triplett, Business Success Center
Andrew Eisenberg, IP Attorney, Lee & Hayes
Patricia Bauer-Slate, Patricia’s Lunch Box, and special guest Page Heller, Hopes Creek Consulting

10:00-10:45 a – Money Cascade: A Multi-Prong Approach
Expert Panel:
Françoise Luca, Business Finance Solutions
Patricia Bauer-Slate, Patricia’s Lunch Box
Dr. Jan Triplett, author of 104 Ways to Fund Your Business, and special guests.

11:00-11:45 a – Marketing for Growth
Expert Panel:
Bill Combes, founder of No Time for Social
Steve Pearson, founder of Pearson Strategy, and special guest Dan Gillotte, GM, Wheatsville Co-Op

*Note: You do not have to attend all sessions, but it is recommended since they build on each other.

Business Mentoring Sessions for Consumer Packaged Goods companies – 1–4:00 p.m.

If you are the owner or operations manager of a consumer packaged goods company or related vendor and are looking for expert advice on how to grow or fund your food or drink business, consider signing up for a free mentoring session.  Our experts can help food, snack foods, drink, wine and beer makers find new business ideas on markets, partners and funding.

Sign up for a free 45 minutes mentoring session with the entire Profit Mover™ team and special guest Eric Spencer, SBA. Mentoring slots are assigned on a first-come/first-served basis. To register for mentoring, call Marsha Teague: 512-933-1983

Mentoring Slots:

Profit Mover Advisory Team™

• Jan Triplett & Daniel Diener, Business Success Center
• Bill Combes, No Time for Social
• Andrew Eisenberg, Lee & Hayes IP Attorneys
• Francoise Luca & Sam Thacker, Business Finance Solutions
• Steve Pearson, Pearson Strategy Group
• Patricia Bauer-Slate, Patricia’s Lunchbox

Consumer Packaged Goods Growth Road map Special Guests:

Eric Spencer is the SBA, Business Opportunity Specialist, the Austin area Small Business Administration liaison.

Page Heller, Hopes Creek Consulting –  For the last sixteen years, Heller has been managing intellectual property for a large organization. His firm, located in College Station, provides intellectual property management services nationwide.

Dan Gillotte, is GM of Wheatsville Co-Op, which has been extremely supportive of local businesses, including new startup small businesses, giving them an opportunity to do market testing as well as find their earliest sales.

Central Texas Consumer Packaged Goods entrepreneurs are invited to all the other free events of Austin CPG Week Feb. 12-16, 2018. See full schedule at: https://tencapital.group/schedule/

Or find us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/191813088234667/

Business Finance Solutions is proud to be a member of the Profit Mover Advisory Team (TM) and to sponsor this session of the Texas Consumer Packaged Goods Week. Business Finance Solutions has a long history of supporting consumer packaged good companies. Our client list includes wine makers, frozen food products, packaged foods and other consumables.

Business Finance Solutions focuses on small businesses and lower middle-market businesses up to about $50 million. We work closely with our clients at every stage of growth to find the right financial solutions for their specific needs.