Our team provides financing for short-term and long-term assets on your company's balance sheet.

Our team provides financing for short-term and long-term assets on your company’s balance sheet.

Business Finance Solutions takes a different approach to financing small and mid-sized businesses.

With many decades of combined banking and management experience, the team of professionals at Business Finance Solutions focuses on finding the right kind of financing for your business. We have a reputation of using multiple types of assets of a client company to provide short-term and long-term financing.

We believe in educating our clients as we work through their specific financing challenges, because fast growing businesses have one major thing in common – They have to adjust their financing mix every few years as they outgrow their current method of financing. After a successful financing for a client we find they may come back in a year or two for additional help with new growth or new opportunities. We don’t want to make you financing experts, but we do want you to understand why we are recommending a particular type of financing for a specific purpose.

Financing is as much about mitigating financial risks as it is about obtaining capital.

In addition to educating our clients, we try very hard to find a loan for them with the lowest financial risk to their company and any personal guarantors. We use non-recourse finance when appropriate and recommend credit insurance to mitigate bad debt resulting from large domestic and international sales.

The team at Business Finance Solutions understand that using short-term assets to finance short-term liabilities and long-term assets to finance long-term liabilities provides your company with the least expensive cost of capital and mitigates risk inherent in using long-term financing for short-term needs.

Types of financing we work with.

Business Finance Solutions has access to many commercial finance companies that focus on specialty finance as well as banks that make SBA and USDA insured loans.

For more information give us a call at 512-990-8756 or fill out our contact form and one of our team members will contact you shortly.

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Download our financing flyer (PDF) .

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