Business Snapshot Tool – Excellent way to help you plan your strategic and tactical edge for the new year.

Business Finance Solutions’ Business Snapshot Tool is designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs conduct a self-assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of their business.

Use the Business Snapshot Tool to help you assess your business enterprise strengths and weaknesses.

Use the Business Snapshot Tool to help you assess your business enterprise strengths and weaknesses.

Business Finance Solutions helps small and lower middle-market businesses obtain working capital and private equity to grow. During our decades of combined experience in finance, marketing, management, sales, and business education, we have learned the score your enterprise receives on this self-assessment is a good predictor of your potential for the ability to attract outside investment as well as overall sustained success.

The tool asks both strategic and tactical questions about how you view and operate your business.

The Business Snapshot Tool is made of four sections:

Part 1: Enterprise Management

This section asks you to examine your business practices, processes, accounting and financial strength, and ability to adapt to changing marketplace. Your management team provides the strength and backbone of your enterprise.

Part 2: Business problem your enterprise solves or is going to solves

All business enterprises are created to meet demand in their market. We call this demand the business problem your business solves or in the case of start-up businesses, plans to solve. Having a solid knowledge and vision of the challenges your business will help solve is critical to understanding the best way to meet your market’s demand.

Part 3: Your solution to the business problem

Experienced airplane pilots plan their flight plan before starting a cross country trip. They design a route that will get them there with a minimum amount of risk, on time, and with the appropriate resources employed. As they make their way across the country, they evaluate new data that develops during their trip. They may have to navigate around turbulence, avoid storms, or take advantage of following winds to get to their destination using less fuel. Think of your solution to the business problem you are solving as an aircraft pilot might think about carrying a plane across the United States. This is your short, medium and long-term solution to the business problem.

Part 4: Enterprise performance return on investment (ROI)

If your business is a for-profit business, then you should have a measurable goal for obtaining a return on your investment of time and money. There are many ways to measure return on investment. Different kinds of companies might use different measurements of success. The important consideration is that your enterprise decides which measurement metrics best help you manage your business for profitable growth.

Questions are not ordered in any priority, and not all questions apply to every business. If a question doesn’t apply to your company, put a large X in the scoring blank for that question. This way your average score will not be affected by those questions that don’t apply to you.

Business Snapshot Tool – Business Finance Solutions (lite version download)

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