From exploration to completion Video (1 minute 47 second)

This short video shows a time lapse depiction of the process of a typical Eagle Ford Shale well.

Texas oil and gas exploration crews are greatly reducing the time it takes to get a well drilled, fracked, and ready for production. Given the thousands of wells set to be drilled and only a finite number of crews and resources available, speed means money. According to a recent article in Fuel Fix, an industry resource, “Eagle Ford Shale production will jump 50 percent this year, hitting an average 844,000 barrels per day.”

In mid 2013, Karnes, Dewit, and Gonzales counties of Texas are the epicenter of the Eagle Ford Shale exploration business where $20 billion is being spent on exploration and completion activities.

The Eagle Ford Shale play covers 30 counties in South and South Central Texas