Gonzales, Dewit, and Karnes counties big winners in 2013

Eagle Ford Shale covers 23 counties in South Texas

The Eagle Ford Shale play in South Texas covers a span of 23 counties of San Antonio. Discovered in 2008, the area has already produced staggering volumes of oil, and liquid gas. There are very large untapped resources of dry gas that is not yet economical to extract.

Here are some statistics that about the economic boom in the area:

  • In less than 3 years the region has grown from zero output to over 700,000 barrels per day of oil or equivalent liquid gases.
  • Gonzales, Dewit, and Karnes counties account for 50% of all liquid gas produced during the last year and are expected to greatly increase in 2013.
  • Across the lower 48 U.S. states, 27% of all money spent on oil and gas exploration and completion will be spent in the Eagle Ford Shale area of Texas.

Small and mid-sized service and materials providers will grow exponentially in the area and continue to thrive…if they can access capital for growth.

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