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Business Finance Solutions is proud to offer seminars, webinars and other education business events to our clients and the small business community.  Please bookmark this page and refer to it monthly for our most current calendar of events and seminars.

Business Finance Solutions is proud to host a Meetup Group in Austin, Texas for small business owners.  Our Meetup group is called:  Austin Small Biz Operations & Gorilla Finance Group  Check this link for meeting details and to RSVP.  (All meetings are free.)

October 24th – Demystify your Financial Statements
A Special Presentation by Joe Wargo, CPA

Many business owners don’t look at their financial statements on a regular basis because they aren’t sure if they are going to get a trick or treat! Our October 24 meeting will feature Joe Wargo, CPA who will demystify your company’s balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows.

Specifically Joe will discuss:

Basic financial statement vocabulary and why you need to understand some accounting terminology

Discussion of the differences between cash and accrual basis bookkeeping

The three parts of your financial statements

•   Balance sheet

•   Income Statement

•   Statement of Cash Flows

Many accountants don’t focus on cash flow but Joe will explain why business owners need to understand that while revenues and expenses matter, “you live off of cash flow.”

Whether you are an experienced business owner or just starting out in business this is a must attend educational presentation.

Joe Wargo is an Austin based CPA who focuses not only on helping his accounting and tax clients with their needs but also provides practical financial guidance to his business clients.

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October 29th – Financing for Oil Field Service Companies and Related Small Businesses  -(Webinar)

Join Sam Thacker and the BFS team as we explore finance best practices for oil field service companies and related and small businesses.  If your company works with oil and gas producers, rig operators, tool and equipment suppliers, or any oil and gas exploration, completion, distribution or support companies – this webinar is for you.  We will discuss how to manage your cash flow, get paid faster and be prepared for the holidays and the ups and downs of  your business cycle.  To register for this free educational seminar, please click  on the orange Eventbrite buttons on this page, or call Carol at: 512-990-8756.