Drones aren’t just for sci-fi movies anymore!


Drones for business applications

Unmanned Aircraft Systems aka drones, have significant commercial photography and business applications for tourism, films, real estate development and agriculture. Camera Wings, an Austin based company is providing aerial photography for universities, governments, and businesses, and will show us how this technology is evolving as a business tool. Our guest speaker will also share some of the operating rules for the use of drones for commercial photography and for private recreational use.

Drones for commercial photography

Join us for our monthly Meetup and a detailed discussion on how Drones are being used for commercial photography and other business application,  to gather and document key data for businesses – and fun.

  • Architecture – View the skylines of major cities like Boston, Denver and Seattle
  • 3D Mapping – Document beaches, islands, rivers and delicate environments
  • Cinematography – Capture unique photography angles for action flicks to documentaries on the History Channel
  • Commercial Real Estate – Survey tracts of land and monitor construction phases


Our Guest Speaker:

Robert Youens

CEO, Camera Wings

Robert Youens, Camera Wings

An engineer by training, Robert has been focused on unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) aka Drones for the past 8 years. His fascination in advance flight control and digital aerial mapping has led him to be one of Austin’s foremost experts in drones for commercial applications. At Camera Wings, he has assembled a world class team of experts including flight system designers, a leading Defense Department imaging expert, computing specialists, cinematographers, and video editors, to provide aerial photography and mapping services for film, TV, and businesses around the country.

Robert has an engineering degree from Texas A&M and a Business degree for The University of Texas. He lives in North Austin when not traveling for business or pleasure.

(Lunch is on your own)
Thursday, August 25, 2016 – 11:30a-1:00p
Sherlock’s Baker Street Pub
9012 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78758

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