Texas Oil and Gas Production Reaching Worldwide Records- 2014

Texas oil and gas production could last decades Texas oil and gas production could last for decades. No one really knows for sure but many experts believe it could last for decades. According to a TIME Magazine article, “For all the attention paid to the Bakken in North Dakota and the rising Eagle Ford in South Texas, it’s […]

Working Capital for Oilfield Service Companies

Just a few weeks ago, I traveled south on IH35 from Austin to Laredo to visit a client.  As usual the highway was busy with commuters, trucks and other commercial traffic. After all, Interstate Highway 35 runs 1,568 miles from Laredo, TX to Duluth, MN, and is the most important north-south highway through Texas, connecting […]

Recent Examples of Financing Transactions

Since 1994, Business Finance Solutions has originated over $400 million in financing transactions. We provide working capital, equipment finance, real estate loans, and subordinated debt financing. We have helped hundreds of B2B companies grow and thrive over the years. If your business is B2B (a business to business) service provider we can probably help you! […]

Texas Oilfield Services Companies are Changing Global Oil and Gas Economics

In the next 5-10 years, Texas oilfield services companies may very well change dynamics and politics of oil and gas. Thousands of small and mid-sized oilfield services companies are growing because of the oil and gas boom currently taking place in Texas. Oilfield drilling companies, oilfield services and supply companies, material suppliers, caterers, land clearing […]

Gonzales, Dewit, and Karnes Counties of Texas to Benefit from $28 Billion in 2013

The Eagle Ford Shale play in South Texas covers a span of 23 counties of San Antonio. Discovered in 2008, the area has already produced staggering volumes of oil, and liquid gas. There are very large untapped resources of dry gas that is not yet economical to extract. Here are some statistics that about the […]

Equipment Finance

One of the most profitable decisions your company can make in 2012 is to buy and put a piece of equipment or software into place before December 31, 2012. Why, because for the last two years Congress has instructed the IRS to allow very large one year depreciation of equipment and software. In most cases […]

Multi-asset financing for hydraulic fracturing material suppliers in the Eagle Ford Shale play

Once or twice a year I have a financing project that just seems to all fit in place quickly. Many non-traditional lenders are eager to do business with companies providing services and materials to the Eagle Ford Shale Oil and Gas play in South Texas Non-traditional lenders, like purchase order financing companies, asset-based lenders, equipment […]