Texas Oilfield Services Companies are Changing Global Oil and Gas Economics

In the next 5-10 years, Texas oilfield services companies may very well change dynamics and politics of oil and gas. Thousands of small and mid-sized oilfield services companies are growing because of the oil and gas boom currently taking place in Texas. Oilfield drilling companies, oilfield services and supply companies, material suppliers, caterers, land clearing […]

Unscrupulous Invoice Factoring Companies – How to Avoid Them

Though most commercial invoice factoring companies are good legitimate companies, there are a few unscrupulous companies that give the industry a bad name. Over the last 5 years Sam Thacker has written about a few of them. A week or two ago, our staff found another one based in Southern California that “pre-filed” their UCC-1 financing statement against a […]

Small Asset-based Lenders Part 1 of 2

There have been a number of small asset-based lenders enter the commercial finance market since 2007. Asset-based lenders loan against inventory and accounts receivable and sometimes other assets. In a column written for AllBusiness.com Experts Sam discusses what kind of companies fit the small asset-based lender. If your business needs to finance raw materials inventory, finished […]

Borrowing Outlook for Small Business Owners for 2013

In January 2013 I gave a presentation to a group of 40 business owners about the outlook for borrowing in 2013. My Advice: Don’t bother with “Mega” banks. They just aren’t loaning to small businesses that aren’t insanely profitable and cash heavy. Commercial leasing companies want two years of good operating history before they will consider […]

If my Uncle Sam were President for a Day

Sam Thacker is not my uncle.  He is of course a well-known business blogger. In December 2009, he wrote one of the most controversial blogs he has ever written. It has achieved over 50,000 readers since then. This jovial yet pointed article still has valid commentary on the needs of small businesses. Sam jabs at […]

UCC Filings – What Business Owners Need to Know

This article explains the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) in easy to understand language, and the basic information that small business owners need to know.  This is a must read article for any business owners who plans to apply for SBA loans, bank loans and other financing that may require a lien on goods, assets or […]