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Texas Oilfield Services Companies are booming in Texas

26 May Texas Oilfield Services Companies are Changing Global Oil and Gas Economics

In the next 5-10 years, Texas oilfield services companies may very well change dynamics and politics of oil and gas. [caption id="attachment_516" align="alignright" width="198"] Nearly 30% of U.S. oil rigs are drilling in Texas - May 2013.[/caption] Thousands of small and mid-sized oilfield services companies are growing...

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Small asset-based lenders like to finance commodities like PVC piping.

31 Mar Small Asset-based Lenders Part 1 of 2

There have been a number of small asset-based lenders enter the commercial finance market since 2007. Asset-based lenders loan against inventory and accounts receivable and sometimes other assets. In a column written for Experts Sam discusses what kind of companies fit the small asset-based lender....

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