Cash Flow Forecast – Critical for a Growing Business

Cash Flow Forecast Template – Free download We have built a 13 week rolling cash flow forecast template that you can download for free. Our cash flow forecast tool has been downloaded thousands of times and we have received rave reviews from companies who use it and other cash flow experts. The forecast tool is […]

Financing Government Contracts – Myths & Facts

Many lenders don’t like financing government contracts, but the reality is U.S. government, state and local government contracts can be financed. One of the most pervasive myths among bankers and federal governmental contractors is that the accounts receivable (A/R) can’t be financed. Many state and local government contractors believe the same issue is true. MYTH: Financing […]

Beverage Financing Programs Keep Your Products Flowing

Alcoholic beverage companies often have difficulty finding financing for growth There is a new breed of wine, craft beer and distilled beverage maker in the United States. They share a number of common characteristics. Many are virtual. They are passionate about a specific type of beverage and with the help of many outsourced services bring […]

Texas Oil and Gas Production Reaching Worldwide Records- 2014

Texas oil and gas production could last decades Texas oil and gas production could last for decades. No one really knows for sure but many experts believe it could last for decades. According to a TIME Magazine article, “For all the attention paid to the Bakken in North Dakota and the rising Eagle Ford in South Texas, it’s […]

Invoice Factoring Success Story – Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication Company Grows from $0 to $20 Million with Invoice Factoring James Stevens* was a successful sales manager for a large roofing supply company in Houston Texas. At age 51, he was earning a good salary with benefits and had topped out in his career. Then he had a heart attack. His doctor told […]

Port of Corpus Christi – $50B+ in Construction

Port of Corpus Christi – $50+ Billion in Infrastructure Spending For years the Port of Corpus Christi was a sleepy port handling the import of bauxite ore unloading at the Sherwin Alumina plant for processing aluminium oxide and providing a home for a small naval base in Ingleside. Today, thanks to its close proximity to the […]

Francoise Luca helps Bastrop EDC Bring Home the Gold!!!

Bastrop EDC’s Gold Award In January 2013, Business Finance Solutions’ own Francoise Luca was recruited to help Dave Quinn, CEcD, Executive Director Bastrop Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) with a quick turn-around video and promotional material project. In October 2013, the Bastrop EDC (part of Team Texas) video was awarded the Gold Award for Promotional Video by […]

Recent Examples of Financing Transactions

Since 1994, Business Finance Solutions has originated over $400 million in financing transactions. We provide working capital, equipment finance, real estate loans, and subordinated debt financing. We have helped hundreds of B2B companies grow and thrive over the years. If your business is B2B (a business to business) service provider we can probably help you! […]

Texas Oilfield Services Companies are Changing Global Oil and Gas Economics

In the next 5-10 years, Texas oilfield services companies may very well change dynamics and politics of oil and gas. Thousands of small and mid-sized oilfield services companies are growing because of the oil and gas boom currently taking place in Texas. Oilfield drilling companies, oilfield services and supply companies, material suppliers, caterers, land clearing […]

Unscrupulous Invoice Factoring Companies – How to Avoid Them

Though most commercial invoice factoring companies are good legitimate companies, there are a few unscrupulous companies that give the industry a bad name. Over the last 5 years Sam Thacker has written about a few of them. A week or two ago, our staff found another one based in Southern California that “pre-filed” their UCC-1 financing statement against a […]