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  • Working Capital

    FACT:  Businesses need working capital to grow.

    Working Capital
  • Strategic Marketing

    FACT:  Your business growth depends on being in the right markets.

    Strategic Marketing
  • Letters of Credit

    FACT: Letters of credit reduce the risk on foreign transactions.

    Letters of Credit
  • Business Loans

    FACT: Business loans can be difficult to secure for small and midsize companies.

    Business Loans

What We Do

We find money for businesses.
Business Finance Solutions helps business owners get the working capital they need to grow, buy new equipment and expand to new markets. We work with you to restructure debt, secure asset based financing, invoice financing, reasonable loans, or raise capital through other alternative financing strategies. Call us for best practices in finance, operations and marketing. Our goal is to provide our clients with the trusted advisers and resources to grow and succeed.

Our Thoughts . . .

Why UCC Filings are important to business owners? Most businesses will borrow money or open lines of credit at some point in the life of their business. All business owners should have a basic knowledge of the types of UCC filings  most often used by lenders, because having a UCC Financing Statements filed against your […]

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